It’s summer in September this week as some of the bigger summer movies are making their home theater debut with the release of Get Him to the Greek and Iron Man 2. You can also enjoy a couple of smaller art house films and everybody’s favorite cuddly documentary when you pick up the DVD of Babies.

There’s also a smattering of TV on DVD (not the small screen onslaught we’ve experience the last few weeks) and one of the worst DVDs we’ve ever seen (wait until you see the title).

Read on to check them all out…

Feature Films

Iron Man 2

Here’s the problem with Iron Man 2: it was a sequel. And not a sequel in the sense of being the second film in a series. Not a sequel in the sense that it has a “2″ at the end of its title. A sequel in the sense of its exemplifying everything that we’ve come to hate about sequels.

Look at the roster: Not one, but two villains this time (bigger, not better). Not 1-and-a-half- but three good guys this time (quantity not quality). That alone makes this movie busier and less interesting.

Then there’s what we see on screen, namely what we see more of: action. The first film spun the interesting tale of Tony Stark grappling with expectation and his genius when he developed his suit. The second movie is essentially just a whole lot of pyro as we move from action set piece to another.

And this is a major downgrade from the first. What’s worse, is that it downgrades in the same way all other sequels do. We get the same complaints about this sequel that we do all other second chapters.

And it’s insane. It’s insane to think that Hollywood can’t learn from their mistakes. That the bad sequel formula we’ve all studied endlessly has never been heeded. That we keep seeing the same problems again and again in sequels to our favorite films.

Why does this keep happening? The answer to all your questions is money. These sequels make a tremendous amount of money, so people must really dig them, right? Wrong. The money a sequel makes is a far great indicator of how much people liked the original and that’s way they shell out to see the lesser movies – not because they psychically think something they haven’t seen is good.

Not to say Iron Man 2 isn’t good – it’s just a sequel.

And you might dig it – which means you should buy Iron Man 2 on DVD.

Get Him to the Greek

Did you ever think you’d say this after you left a movie: “I wish there would’ve been more P. Diddy!”

Well, that’s exactly what we said here. I call it a “Tom Arnold Moment” – relating to that comic’s scene-stealing work in “True Lies”.

Remember that? Remember when you saw previews for a big budget Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie directed by James Cameron and couldn’t believe you were looking at Tom Arnold in the trailer? “What is he doing in that movie!”

Then you actually see the flick and realize he’s not only good in the film – but he’s essential to its becoming such a classic.

Don’t get me wrong, Greek is certainly no classic, but P. Diddy pulls every bit the same misdirection trick that Arnold did in that action film.

Don’t believe me? Then buy Get Him to the Greek on DVD and see for yourself.



“Scrubs”: Complete Series

“Scrubs” is one of the more polarizing series in recent television history. That is, there are those who swear by it – think it’s one of the smartest and funniest sitcoms of all times. Then there are people like me. Those who find it entirely unwatchable, an unfunny and overwrought excuse for quirkiness that falls flat.

It’s not hard to see why this show is so divisive when it’s comedy is just so blunt. A show that relies heavily on gags with absolutely no subtlety with cutaways and non-sequitors as the norm.

This is exactly the type of structure that endears itself to many while others find it obnoxious. But don’t take my word for it – vote in the poll below and see how the stats bear out that exact love it/hate it appeal of this ex-series.

Did You Love "Scrubs" or hate "Scrubs"?

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There are two new DVD sets for this series. A season nine set, and the complete series.

Buy the “Scrubs” 9th Season on DVD

Buy the “Scrubs” Complete Series on DVD



  • “CSI”: Season 10 – Buy Now
  • “Legend of the Seeker”: Season 2 – Buy Now
  • “Rich Man, Poor Man”: Complete Series – Buy Now
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert – Buy Now

And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…

Something tells me it will live up to its title.

What DVDs will you be picking up this week?