Earlier today we reported that Darren Aronofsky as well as a slew of other directors were on Warner Bros’ shortlist to helm their upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel. According to Moviehole, another big name associated with Aronofsky has been thrown into the mix. The star of his latest film Black Swan, Ms. Natalie Portman is said to be the frontrunner for the coveted role of Lois Lane.

They haven’t even nailed down an actor to play Superman himself yet they’ve already got their eye on his love interest? How backwards is that? Just call Jon Hamm already! Apparently, the WB wanted Portman in the role of Lane back when they did Superman Returns but it didn’t workout. With her new professional relationship with Aronofsky they think they can get her if they get him. It’s taking out two birds with one stone.

Nothing has been confirmed but Portman has been mentioned as a possible candidate. This would be great casting because Portman is a talented actress who can pull off maturity beyond her years. Plus she wouldn’t need to wear a horrible brunette wig or glasses to appear more professional.

The only downside to this is her role in Marvel’s Thor as Jane Foster. There’s not rule against actors crossing comic universes but sometimes it can throw you off. Just look at Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool aka the Green Lantern.

Do you think Portman could make a good Lois Lane?