Guy Ritchie has been making a lot of headway in the casting department for the sequel to his 2009 hit, Sherlock Holmes. Recently, Warner Bros announced that the female lead will be played by Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, and Holmes’ older brother Mycroft will be played by Stephen Fry, but the biggest role of all remained a mystery — until now. According to Latino Review, “Mad Men” star Jared Harris, will tackle the role of the evil Professor Moriarty.

Everyone from Brad Pitt to Daniel Day-Lewis have been rumored to play this part but neither actor nor the studio has confirmed their involvement. On the other hand, the site claims to have some solid sources who report that Harris is a lock for the part of Moriarty. The character is Holmes’ biggest nemesis. He’s the equivalent of The Joker to his Batman, the Lex Luthor to his Superman, the Magneto to his Professor Xavier, you get the point.

If Harris’ face looks familiar but you don’t watch “Mad Men” you’ve probably seen him in countless other projects. Seriously, this guy has been in almost everything! Did you happen to catch his stint on “Fringe” as the prisoner who time traveled out of his cell? He also played a doctor in Resident Evil Apocalypse and a drunk sea captain who gets Benjamin Button laid in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. He’s one of the best character actors out there. I’ve seen his work. He can do no wrong in my eyes.

What do you think of Harris as Moriarty? Is he a good pick?