Video on Demand is going into crazy territory with the new feature Scar. You can’t have a name like that and not represent some type of evil. Just look at the character from The Lion King. The film from director Jed Weintrob is multiple things rolled into one. It’s a thriller, a horror film, it’s stereoscopic, it’s in 3D, and it’s on video-on-demand. That’s a lot coming from home entertainment.

Via the official press release:

SCAR is the horrific tale of a small town urban legend that becomes a modern day nightmare. Years ago, Joan Burrows became a victim of Ernie Bishop, a crazed undertaker with a penchant for mutilating young girls in his hidden morgue torture chamber. Joan escaped Bishop’s sadistic clutches and killed him, becoming a local hero. But when Joan returns to her small town home to visit relatives, someone begins copying Bishop’s horrific modus operandi. As teenage girls go missing once more and the bloody clues gather, the police pinpoint Joan as their prime suspect, forcing her to face her deepest fears to apprehend the maniac.

“If Freddie Krueger, Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees and Jigsaw had a party, they would have invited Ernie Bishop. This film is a total crowd pleaser for those that love to be scared out of their minds, and we are really excited about taking it to audiences,” says Meyerowitz. “With the popularity of 3-D films and as more consumers increasingly recreate the theater experience by buying 3-D televisions, SCAR is a groundbreaking independent film positioned to tap into this growing market.”

SCAR is written by Zack Ford and stars Angela Bettis, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Ben Cotton and Christopher Titus. The film was produced by Norman Twain, Courtney Potts and Jamie Gordon, and executive produced by Len Koch, Bob Silberberg, Daniel Hank, Douglas Berquist and Allison Powell. Early next year, Phase 4 will release SCAR as a dual format combo pack, including an anaglyph 3-D version and a traditional 2-D version.

SCAR will be available on all major cable providers beginning October 1.

Are you interested in seeing Scar?