The Office” will get infused with a new but familiar face. According to EW, Heroes” alum Jack Coleman will appear in a guest spot on the popular NBC series. Obviously, the network is keeping it in the family but also keeping it under wraps. The actor is currently nearing a deal to cement his appearance on the show for a future episode.

Wouldn’t it be interesting, if the writers started bringing on various actors in various roles as an auditioning process for Steve Carell’s replacement? We all know that this is his final season and there’s a lot to be done prior to his departure. The last we heard Harvey Keitel had been named as a possible candidate. Nothing against him but we need more options.

Coleman’s gig might not be anything serious though. He also shot a guest spot on CBS’s “The Mentalist,” that will air on October 14th. There he’ll play a man accused of murdering his wife’s killer.

He’s come a long way since those horn rimmed glasses on “Heroes,” as a matter of fact he’s come a long way since “Dynasty.” That’s right, he was on that famous primetime soap with bleached blond highlights and feathered bangs!

Are you looking forward to seeing Coleman on The Office? Who do you think he’ll play?