We all saw the writing on the wall. The Fox dramaLone Star” has officially been canceled by the network after only two airings. Its pilot episode bombed in the ratings and the creative team behind it tried to pump it up so that viewers would tune in for its follow up but that didn’t happen. Instead, even LESS people watched and after being ridiculed for such dismal numbers Fox finally pulled the plug.

According to THR, ” Only 4.1 million viewers showed up for the “Lone Star” premiere. More crucially, the show drew a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating, making it the lowest-rated show on a major broadcast network.” The second episode followed with even lower numbers by drawing a mere 3.2 million viewers while its demo rating fell 23% to a 1.0. Those are CW numbers right there. Not a good look for FOX.

The network felt the burn due to its low numbers causing its overall rating to drop by 60%, which isn’t exactly what advertisers want to hear. Other shows that are on the chopping block that have experienced similar outcomes include “ABC‘s “The Whole Truth” and “My Generation,” along with NBC’s “Outlaw” and “The Apprentice,” pulled ratings well below the 2.0 waterline.”

I wasn’t really surprised by “Lone Star’s” demise. The advertising for it wasn’t concise and you couldn’t tell who they were marketing to. What was the show about exactly? As for the other newbies that are treading the thin ratings line, “My Generation” is actually a good series that had good promotion so its low ratings are a surprise. Then again it does air on Thursday nights at 8PM with a lot of competition coming from the other networks.

If you’re wondering whats going to happen to “Lone Star’s” time slot don’t worry. Tim Roth and his rag tag crew from “Lie to Me” will be there to pick up the slack. The show’s season premiere has been pushed up to next week.

One down, several more to go.

What do you think of Fox canceling Lone Star? Should they have given it more time? Did you watch the show?