This week’s episode of “Castle” picked up almost exactly where it left off, with the title character mending bridges between himself and the various police officers he’d, well, snubbed by not calling. How are things going this week? Check out our review…

The Players:

  • Director: Bryan Spicer
  • Writer: Moira Kirkland
  • Cast: Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Tamala Jones, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan

Episode Title: “He’s Dead She’s Dead”

Castle and Beckett arrive on the scene to discover a dead psychic and a difficult case.  Made even more difficult by the fact that a letter shows up, supposedly from the psychic, detailing her murder!

The Good:

  • Back and Forth: The show’s dialogue, while taking a little while to get up to speed last episode, is back to a nice, witty crackling. Castle and Beckett are at their best when arguing about something and here, they’re arguing over the validity, or total lack thereof, of the washed-up psychic they’re investigating. It’s pretty entertaining, especially when Beckett reveals how the psychic was really just a pretty good detective.
  • Ring-Around: Meanwhile, the subplot of Castle’s mother and her dithering over a possible engagement, normally fodder for comedy, was actually taken seriously for once and it paid off pretty well. Susan Sullivan is an experienced actress mostly called on to play drunk, but here she got to show off her dramatic chops, and it was a very welcome moment.
  • Well-Tended Plot: Sometimes, “Castle” will put jokes ahead of plotting; that’s really kind of the premise of the show. Last episode had a plot that was pretty easy to figure out about halfway through the episode. Here, it was actually pretty clever and engaging, a well-designed mystery that you couldn’t see coming a mile away. We love jokes and we love good storytelling, and it’s always nice to get both in one package.
  • Reply Hazy Try Again Later: The flaky, not actually useful psychic is a stock character in mystery stories, but here it’s pretty well used, as the victim’s daughter keeps showing up with what are, on the face of it, absolutely ridiculous statements that do occasionally turn out to be useful. Still, it’s how the show milks Beckett’s impatience with a teenager telling her that the victim was killed by Freemasons that make these scenes.

The Weird:

  • A Nathan Fillion By Any Other Name: Wait, Castle’s name is “Richard Alexander Rogers?” He’s Mr. Rogers? Really? They actually did that? O.K. then!

The Bad:

  • Pull The Threads: As of right now, we’ve got two big plot threads the show seems not to care about. The first is the murder of Beckett’s mom, that apparently nobody, including the driven detective who joined the force because her mother’s case was never solved, seems to actually care about. And now we’ve got Castle’s ex-wife. He’s stated that there was nothing there, but he did run off to the Hamptons, he does have a new book coming out and, oh yeah, she’s his publisher. We know the show is more dedicated to one-off episodes but come on guys, a little plot arc is not a bad thing.
  • It’s a Bouncing Baby Block of Wood!: We know this is kind of nit-picky and bitchy but yeesh, the guest actress playing the daughter in the final confession scene was terrible. Where did she study, the Paul Walker School of Drama?


A well-plotted episode with snappy dialogue: in other words, exactly what we tune in for every Monday.

Rating: 8.75/10

“Castle” airs Monday nights on ABC at 10 PM

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