Many of today’s movie going audiences know Gloria Stuart as “old Rose” from James Cameron‘s 1997 film Titanic. Prior to her casting, she had been acting for almost seventy years, but it was that role that earned her acclaim including an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. At the time she was 87. Unfortunately, 13 years later, a few months after her 100th birthday, she’s passed away.

Several years ago, Stuart had been diagnosed with lung cancer, a disease she fought tooth and nail until the very end. The actress’s death was confirmed by her daughter to the Washington Post where they gave a thorough rundown of her career.

Ms. Stuart appeared in more than 40 films during the 1930s that showcased her versatility. She was in the Busby Berkeley musical “Gold Diggers of 1935″ as the love interest of crooner Dick Powell. She played the wife of the imprisoned Dr. Samuel Mudd in John Ford’s “The Prisoner of Shark Island” (1936) opposite Warner Baxter, and she took supporting roles opposite Shirley Temple in “Poor Little Rich Girl” (1936) and “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm” (1938).

[Spoiler] In Titanic, old Rose died in her sleep, in her bed just like Jack said she would. It was a sweet and tender finale. We only hope that Stuart was able to experience such peace in her final moments.

Here’s the ending scene of Titanic:

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RIP Gloria Stuart.