Sunday night ABC aired the seventh season premiere of “Desperate Housewives,” which was filled with new faces including Brian Austin Green and “Ugly Betty” alum, Vanessa L. Williams. The duo will add some spice to the show with their respective storylines that include lies, adultery, and seduction. In other words, the usual. Check out what people are saying about last night’s premiere…

The Season 7 Set Up:

After ten years in prison, Felicia Tillman (sister of the woman Paul murdered) was found alive (Paul was convicted of her murder) so an exchange is made: Paul is released, Felicia is incarcerated. Carlos and Gabby are keeping secrets from each other. Bree tells Gabby that her son killed Carlos’ mother. But Gabby decides to keep the secret to herself because otherwise there would be no plot Carlos is so happy. Meanwhile, Carlos is told that Juanita was swapped at birth. He too decides to keep the secret to himself because otherwise there would be not plot Gabby will kill herself. Bree is being really dull: divorced from Orsen who is apparently dating his physical therapist, she sets her sights on the muscled painter (Brian Austin Green). Lynette’s wealthy friend Renee (Vanessa Williams!) comes over just to make anyone’s gay-metre explode with delight. [tvequals]

Paul’s Return:

Creepy. Mark Moses sold Paul tonight, sliding back into his role like a fitted coat fresh out the dry cleaners. His scenes had a perfectly even balance of menace and Mr. Rogers to them, which means that whatever plan he has up is sleeve has to be devious as hell. But Felicia Tillman is back on the scene, and she has “friends”, yall. That woman means business, yall, and if we can see more of her then I will be much obliged. Seriously. [TVOverMind]

Mike and Susan:

Just luck, I suppose, that the poor house Susan and Mike have moved their family into has a landlord who happens to have a G-rated porn site run out of the back room.  And as for Mike… an oil rig?  Really? Perhaps he should also consider a guest spot on the Deadliest Catch. I mean, God forbid he just go get a night job in town to help support his family.  No, it makes much more sense to have Susan flaunt her assets to help get them some of their own. This school teacher should have learned her lesson the first time around. We smell marital issues continuing for this duo once Mike finds out she is up to her same old routine. [TV Fanatic]

Lynette and Renee:

They have an uncomfortably combative relationship, with Renee taking potshots about Lynette’s appearance and lifestyle and Lynette giving as good as she gets. Her remarks about Lynette settling for being a suburban housewife when she used to be ambitious and fearless hit home. This would more interesting if it had not been Lynette’s arc every single season of the show.  Renee confides to Lynette that her husband Doug is leaving her for a younger woman.  It looks like she may attempt to have an affair with Tom to bolster her self-esteem. [Fancast]


I enjoy “Desperate Housewives” because the storylines move along quickly: If you dislike one character (Susan), within three minutes the focus will turn to someone you enjoy (Gabrielle). This episode was fine, but for a premiere I was expecting more of a punch. [Daemon's TV]

Did you watch Desperate Housewives this week? What did you think?

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