One of the most hyped up episodes of Glee EVER will air this week, and it’s all about Britney Spears. That’s right, it’s Britney Bitch! For the past month we’ve been seeing a lot of behind the scenes photos promoting the show and now we have official stills that feature co-star Heather Morris trading in her cheerleading outfit for a snake and a catsuit. Check out some of Spears most historical looks that will reappear during the episode…

As you might expect, the entire cast is excited about Britney Spears coming on the scene to dance with their local Brittany. Even John Stamos gets in on the action and he’s not even a regular! According to an interview with MTV, Spears will be incorporated into the show via a dream sequence Brittany has while under anesthesia at the dentist.

“Through a special substance, I go under and have a couple of dream sequences — not only myself, but with Santana [Naya Rivera]. A lot of it has to do with Will [Matthew Morrison] not allowing us to perform Britney Spears songs, because he doesn’t agree with what kind of entertainer she is, so it’s our fight to do Britney. But it’s not just us doing Britney in show choir; there are other sequences — it’s our homage to her.”

You can watch the video over at EOnline.

Are you excited about the upcoming Britney Spears episode?

Source: MTV, THR