Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp just can’t stay away from each other. The director and actor worked together on the Pirates of the Caribbean series and the upcoming animated feature Rango, and according to Deadline they’re joining forces for another major project – The Lone Ranger. The adaptation of the popular television series has been in the works for well over the year, and Depp has been attached to play the title character’s sidekick Tonto. Now we’ve learned that Verbinski is in talks to direct the feature.

Disney is producing The Lone Ranger, along with Jerry Bruckheimer. These are two elements that were both present during the Pirates franchise along with Depp. The only thing that’s missing is Verbinski. Nothing has been cemented in stone yet but he’s the prime candidate to take the job. The director is said to be on the look out for his next major project and this could be it.

There’s no production start date set for The Lone Ranger, we’re sure that will depend solely on Depp’s schedule. He has more than a fair share of movies on his slate including Dark Shadows with Tim Burton.

What do you think of Verbinski and Depp reuniting for The Lone Ranger?