We all know that some of the best trailers, montages, and openings are done by Average Joes who’ve got nothing but talent and time on their hands. The latest viral video to hit the net centers on the upcoming AMC series, The Walking Dead.” The show won’t debut on screens until October 31st but Daniel Kanemoto has found a way to create a breathtaking opening sequence that might actually rival the real thing. Take a look…

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Kanemoto premiered the footage on his website, and since then has become a hot commodity. He even got interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, where he discussed his inspiration for the video.

My inspiration came directly from the pages of The Walking Dead. I took my trade paperbacks off the shelf and stuck Post-It notes on the panels that I liked the most — and then I had to do something completely against my collector-driven lifestyle, which was rip up my comics and scan the individual pages into my computer. I opened the artwork in Photoshop and started expanding it into different layers. The concept behind my approach was to take the stark, black-and-white artwork from the comic and add even more depth using an animated camera that would sweep in-and-out of some of the early moments in the series.

In all honesty, they should just cut this guy a check and use what he’s created. This looks great!

What do you think of the fan made credits for The Walking Dead?