Tom Selleck, the only man to ever receive a compliment on his mustache from Freddie Mercury, is back on the airwaves.  He is the star of the Cop/Family Drama Blue Bloods.  The show is about family 3 generations deep in the police business, and begins tonight on CBS.  Tom had a few things to say about the new show, check it out after the jump!

Showbizspy had a word with the star of the new show, and he had this to say about it:

“While there is a good deal of police work on the streets of New York, the show is about how much that work affects the family,” Selleck said.

“I think this show is very much character-driven. That’s where my appetite is.”

“I don’t think people get to see enough character-driven stuff on TV.”

Well, not on network TV at least.  This still strikes me as another by the numbers CBS project.  The last remotely original show that network had was Jericho, and that was yeeeears ago.  Then again, if they’re willing to take a shot at character driven, long form storytelling, then I guess it’s fair to give them a shot.  If only for bringing that glorious ‘stache back into our lives.