FRINGE SEASON 3: After a long and tedious wait, new episodes of the Fox hit “Fringe” are back! The last time we checked in with our favorite group of special agents, Olivia had been held against her will in the alternate universe while Peter and Walter were none the wiser. The opening episode of season 3 picks up where the last one left off, and focuses on Olivia’s escape. There’s plenty of action and a lot of drama but almost no Peter. Joshua Jackson was barely in this episode, which unfortunately knocked it down a peg…

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The Players:

  • Director: Joe Chappelle
  • Writers: J.H. Wyman and Jeff Pinkner
  • Cast: Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole, Blair Brown, Kirk Acevedo, Andre Royo, Seth Gabel

Episode Title: “Olivia”

After the extraordinary turn of events that shockingly left an imprisoned Olivia “over there,” she fights to find her way home. Meanwhile, Peter and Walter try to move on with their lives unknowingly alongside alternate Olivia.

The Good:

  • Don’t Believe the Hype: For the majority of the episode, the “other” Fringe division was trying their best to brainwash Olivia to no avail. She blew off their advances one by one, escaped the facility, carjacked a cab driver, and made her way across town so she could find the portal from which she came.
  • Olivia Sort of Calls Peter Her Boyfriend: When asked if she had a “special someone” in her life, Olivia responded with “sort of,” and said his name was Peter. Coming from her, that’s a big step. Too bad he’s on the other side doing God knows what with that phony.
  • The Wire vs Oz: Was this an HBO reunion or what? How many actors from the network can “Fringe” steal? Granted they didn’t share scenes together but Andre Royo and Lance Reddick previously appeared on “The Wire” as Bubbles and Lt. Daniels, while Kirk Acevedo played Alvarez on “Oz.” Did anyone else notice that?
  • Memory Transplant: The adrenaline kick that jump-started the memory transplants in Olivia’s brain were a clever turn of events. For the next couple episodes we might have to watch her slowly but surely turn into Alt-Olivia, which will be painful but also interesting.

The So-So:

  • Dead or Alive Charlie’s There: If the writer’s wanted Charlie to be around so much, why did they kill him off? He’s starting to turn into the Nikki/Tracy/Jessica (from “Heroes“) of this show. It’s like they killed him and were like, “Hey we want him back. Let’s make him an alternate!” Such a waste. The real Charlie shouldn’t have been written off in the first place.

The Bad:

  • No Peter for 56 Minutes?!: Have they lost their minds? I love Olivia as much as the next person but to give Joshua Jackson a mere 3 minutes during the premiere was criminal. And he spent a chunk of it with that impostor giving her the love that the real Olivia has been waiting 3 years to receive.


The premiere was action packed. There were fights, explosions, and a few emotional moments (Olivia’s breakdown) but a lack of Peter. They seriously need to compensate for that during the next week.

Rating: 8.5/10

“Fringe” airs Thursdays at 9PM on Fox

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