At the end of last season, Jeff Winger turned down Britta in front of the entire school, then kissed Annie immediately afterwards. And then summer vacation started, and we were left in suspense. Who will Jeff go for? The short answer: no one. For the long answer, just keep reading.

The Players

Episode Title: “Anthropology 101”

Jeff has to deal with the fallout from simultaneously turning down Britta and making out with Annie, Britta finds out that her rejection has made her inexplicably popular, Troy is posting everything Pierce says to Twitter, Jeff and Britta pretend to be in love in order to score points off each other, and Abed tries to make the “new season” more interesting.  At the end, everything returns to how it was roughly 4 episodes ago: Jeff and Annie are not an item, Jeff and Britta might be.

The Good:

  • The Great White: Betty White guest-stars as a urine-swilling, weapon-loving survivalist Anthropology teacher. The scene where she goes postal on Jeff is not to be missed, nor is her rendition of Africa by Toto, accompanied by Troy and Abed.
  • My Precioussssss: Meanwhile, Ken Jeong is rapidly becoming the funniest guy on TV. An amazing Gollum impersonation at the end reveals that he’s planning to take revenge on the study group for getting him fired from being a teacher, which should provide some quality episodes down the line.

The Weird:

  • Ladies’ Man: So far there have been a total of three attractive women on this show (including Lauren Stamile from last season.) All three have fallen for Jeff. Look, Joel McHale’s an attractive guy, but he isn’t the only one on campus.

The Bad:

  • It’s Still TV: Abed’s poignant observation about how the characters are so messed-up, he knows they’re not on TV is instantly undercut by Jeff making a big speech that wins everyone back on his side. You can’t have it both ways, guys: either it’s a TV show or it’s realistic, not both.
  • Troy + Abed = ?: The Troy and Abed segments were some of the funniest moments of last season. This episode, they exchange maybe three lines of dialogue. They better start getting some more screentime in future episodes – Jeff can’t carry the whole show on his own.


There were plenty of funny and awkward moments, but this seemed mostly like an episode dedicated to tying up loose ends. Although whether they might come untied again remains to be seen.

Rating: 8/10

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