A few photos were taken of Chris Evans and costar Hayley Atwell as Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter on the set of Joe Johnston‘s Captain America, which is presently filming on location in Manchester.  Check out after the jump for some fan grabbed shots of the stars as they film a scene that involve old cars, guns, and at least one dead guy…

So here’s a gallery of the latest pics from INF Daily:

So the movie will have at least one gunfight and maybe a car chase.  That sounds kinda neat, I guess.  And look at those feet shoes!  I want to get some of those so i can pretend like I’m reenacting that scene from Die Hard.

Here’s a question: will Nick Fury be in this?  I love that guy.  But I wonder if they’re gonna do white guy Nick Fury, since it’s the ’40s, and black people weren’t allowed to be superheroes yet.  Not until MLK, was that permitted.  But white Nick Fury is cool too!  He smokes cigars, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger!