This weekend, Ryan Reynolds stars in a new thriller called Buried that centers on a man who is just that — buried. He’s not trapped between a rock and a hard place, but he is trapped. The actor was out promoting the film in New York City and spoke to the press about his experience shooting the movie. He answered the one question that was on everybody’s mind, “Are you claustrophobic?” and if not “Were you by the end of this movie?” Check out his response…

Ryan Reynolds: Claustrophobia is a primal fear that exists within everybody. This is probably most human being’s worst nightmare come true, to be buried alive. I couldn’t help but feel that when we were shooting, we were using a coffin. There were very few tricks. The greatest tricks were slight-of-hand engineered by Mr. Rodrigo Cortés. For me I was enclosed in there and had moments of utter panic that were soothed in various ways.

One woman was playing all the roles when we were shooting. I had a microphone close to my chest and she could hear my panic attack starting ‘cause she could hear my heart accelerating. There were times when I couldn’t get out of the coffin with any ease so I just had to stay in there with 50-60 pounds of wood on your chest pressing down so you start to have moments of panic. She would talk about wide open spaces, meadows, trees, things like that, esoteric stuff that would chill me out and allow me to my job.

So he is human! There’s no way that filming in such close quarters could be easy so we knew there had to be something going on behind the scenes to calm his nerves. The actor spends the majority (if not all) of the the film in the coffin with nothing and no one to act off of. It’s just him and his sanity.

Are you interested in seeing Buried?

Source: STYD