The one-two combo of Benjamin Linus and John Locke will resurface in a new television series with Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn. Last month we reported that the Emmy winning actors (both in the Best Supporting category) were anxious to work together again. It must have gone from their lips to God’s ears because not only will they be on another show together but JJ Abrams is producing, and NBC has already picked it up!

Not much is known about this new show except for its tentative title “Odd Jobs,” and the premise that centers on two ex-black ops agents. Other than that we don’t know what the hell the show’s about. Both actors have experience in the comedic field so we’re hoping this leans in that direction. Emerson actually began his career as a deadpan comedian in stage plays but JJ Abrams knew his short stature and creepy eyes could be used for evil.

Like we said earlier, NBC picked up the pilot for the series despite strong interest from competitors. If all goes well, this show could serve as a companion to Abram’s newest series on the network “Undercovers.”

What do you think of Emerson and O’Quinn teaming up again? Are you interested in the new show?

Source: EW