This weekend in theaters Zack Snyder’s latest adventure for a younger generation Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of G’Hoole hits theaters. Once again Snyder takes you on an adventure into a new world that will visually-stun you, with a group of characters that are being pushed to their limits. This could be a perfect film, though it’s not without a few problems that keep you from being able to fully indulge in the beauty he’s created.

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The Players:

The Plot:

Legend of the Guardians is based on the first three books of Kathryn Lasky’s series, Guardians of Ga’Hoole. It follows Soren, a young barn owl who is kidnapped by the owls of the St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls, or St. Aggie’s. The academy is supposed to be an orphanage, but instead it brainwashes its pupils into becoming soldiers who will ultimately clash with the wise, peaceful owls of Ga’Hoole. Soren has to defend his family and in doing so Snyder gets in his slow-mo, PG action shots and was ensues (of course!).

The Good:

  • The Looks/Technical Ability: There’s no doubt that this film has not only pushed the boundaries of 3-D, but visually it has taken the entire genre to an entirely new level. You can literally feel the rain beating down on the owls feathers or the sun warming them. The movement and the texture of the owls, the Snyder-slow-mo-action-shot and the look of the world were absolutely amazing and make the film worth seeing. Snyder and his team have once again visually raised the bar for other films.
  • Use of 3D: I normally don’t like 3-D, but they used it extremely well in this film. Since the visuals were so amazing already, it merely enhanced the viewing experience and made it all the more intense.

The Bad:

  • The Villain: A story is only as good as its villain and this film doesn’t have enough going against it for you to feel any kind of joy at the end of it. There are plenty of horrible things happening to our heroes, but they’re meaningless. The main villain in this film is driven by a small rivalry between two brothers. There’s nothing that justifies a young cute owl becoming pure and relentless evil that NEVER gives in. Without a reason, the character is not human enough, or shall I say “owl enough”  for audiences to care about the story.
  • The Story: Though the main owl Soren fights for good and most of his actions make sense, the rest of the characters seem to just come and go and none of them are given enough character detail. When it came to the parents of the owls and a few other moments (how did he steal his sister?) there was some huge plot-holes that needed to filled in, in order for the story to flow together.


I wanted to love this film and I may have held the bar for it a little too high. Though the visuals were beyond stunning and the owls are absolutely adorable and extremely well-made, the film was only okay. I think the kiddies can enjoy the film (though it does have some intense scenes to be aware of) but the parents won’t be able to get past the problems with the story.

Worth is for the visuals though!

Rating: 6.5/10

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole will be in theaters September 24th!

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Legend of the Guardians will debut in theaters this fall on September 24th.