Last night, ABC premiered their new comedy line up that featured an all new episode of “Cougar Town.” Former “Friend” Courteney Cox stars in the series (as well as executive produces) that centers on a perky and neurotic real estate agent and her wacky group of pals that includes her drunk best friend, her emotionless boyfriend, and her hillbilly ex-husband. To kick things off this season, Jennifer Aniston made an appearance as Cox’s free-spirited therapist and unfortunately she did not deliver…

If we had to grade Aniston and Cox in this episode alone, they would get an F. For some odd reason the chemistry wasn’t there and they weren’t funny. Everyone around them were, the situations were hilarious, but their actual interactions were boring. We’re well aware that these two are besties in real life but their scenes came across as forced and unnatural.

While Cox’s character is her usual annoying self, Aniston’s therapist constantly tries to play up this serene hippy persona that doesn’t ring true. She even had a dog named Gabriel, that for the majority of the episode we thought was her human child. The whole experience just made a rather enjoyable episode flat.

What did you think of Aniston’s appearance on Cougar Town?