For all of you who campaigned for Kate Beckinsale to return to the Underworld franchise, you’ve won. The actress has been confirmed to once again play the raven haired vampire Selene in Underworld 4. The last time she played the character was in the 2006 sequel Underworld 2, she then took a leave of absence for the third film [Rise of the Lycans] that featured Rhona Mitra as the lead.

According to THR, Beckinsale is in the process of finalizing her deal for the film, which is expected to to start production in March 2011. We’re not sure what the storyline for this installment will entail but we do know that a casting call has gone out for a young actress to play Selene’s daughter. That’s right, there will be a young vamp in this sequel!

John Hlavin wrote the script, which underwent revisions by comics writer and The Changeling scribe J. Michael Straczynski. The studio is currently looking for a director at the moment. The last two films were helmed by Beckinsale’s husband Len Wiseman. What’s he up to these days? If his other half can come back, we’re sure he can as well. Can’t he?

What do you think of Beckinsale returning to the Underworld fold? Are you excited?