Kristen Bell‘s role in Andy Fickman’s upcoming You Again redefines the “awkward stage” for high school students all over the globe – and newcomer Odette Yustman gives Regina George a solid run for her money playing the bitch of the ball. Bell and Yustman along with the slew of seasoned female comedians they’re paired with (Betty White, Sigourney Weaver, Jamie Lee Curtis) carry the whole Mean Girls extravaganza into adulthood with this surprisingly charming Disney comedy.

We had an opportunity to sit down with the actresses to hear their thoughts on the project. Check out an interview with the ladies below…

Odette, Joanna is a total demon –  did you ever experience a “mean girl” phase?

Odette Yustman: Probably my family sees the mean side of me, or my fiance! The people that are closest to you really get the most crap. You unleash it on them because you can…they’ll love you no matter what. But for the most part, I’d like to think I’m a nice person.

Kristen, Marni is painfully awkward – can you relate?

Kristen Bell: I definitely had an awkward phase. It’s funny because I just went back and read all of my high school notes because my best friend from high school, when I turned 30, printed out a bunch – who we should be dating, what we should be doing, all of these grand plans. She put them in a binder and set them on the coffee table at my birthday party. Hilarious. I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants. I don’t know that I was as awkward as Marni, but I think every high schooler feels super duper awkward in some social situations.

I was very much a pleas-er in high school – always very nervous that people wouldn’t like me. I led with compliments, kept everyone on my good side. That’s just how my wanting to be accepted manifest itself. Some people are mean, some people are introverted…I was just the sweetest. I guess everyone in high school is just trying to do the best they can.

The nature of Hollywood in general feel very reminiscent of high school…

KB: Hollywood is the most like high school! Gossip is the main source of information, telephone is the game to play. It’s funny how similar it is. But it’s even more glorified in Hollywood because there is this monster of the media, with all do respect. But there’s this wanting to report on someone else and not consider that the other person is a human being.

You and Andy Fickman have worked together for almost 10 years..

KB: Andy? Randy Flickman? Here’s what you should know. Everything that comes out of his mouth is nonsense.

He claims you skipped the first couple of auditions for his Broadway musical Reefer Madness, truth?

KB: Yes I skipped auditions. I don’t deny it! He probably didn’t tell the real story… so I will. I had just done a Broadway musical for the Nederlanders. When you know the producing company you have a little closer of a relationship with them. They said they were doing “Reefer Madness” and I should audition – I took that as, sweet, you’ll be on the short list. Which is kind of hard to work yourself up to… I thought, “I’ll make the call backs.” I skipped them, finally went in the final round, probably very cocky and sure of myself. And Andy was, like, “Who the hell is this??” – but he still hired me!

Odette, you’re still relatively new to the big screen. Was it daunting to work with such an acclaimed group of actresses?

OY: Terrifying. I was really nervous – I’ve never done a big comedy. I’d done a few independent comedies but this was really nerve racking because you have all of these high profile names, and women are catty by nature. Sometimes women get together and it doesn’t work out so well. I was worried about comedy, though, I didn’t know if I’d be any good at it. I just love romantic comedies. I love watching them, I love reading them – I just really wanted to do one. I learned so much working with these women, they all really took me under their wings.

Catch these girls and the rest of this stellar cast this weekend, the film is poised for a nationwide release this Friday, September 24th- check back for an interview with the film’s director, Andy Fickman!

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