Season 3 of the Fox series “Fringe” will begin tonight to the delight of sci-fi fanatics everywhere. When we last left our favorite FBI agents, they had returned from a battle of epic proportions in an alternate universe. Olivia and Walt ran into themselves (sort of), which resulted in one of them being left behind thanks to an old switcheroo! Real Olivia is stuck in the mirror world while Alt-Olivia has stolen her identity in ours. Will Peter and Walter find out before it’s too late? Dun, dun, dun!

How long will be have to be tortured by Alt-Olivia knowing that she’s a fake? According to star Joshua Jackson, a while.

“I think they’re going to play out the alternate universe thing for as long as they can since it’s such a cool idea,” he explained. “And then, of course, at some point, we’ll have to go get our girl back. But I’m not sure when that’ll be.”

Ugh, who wants to sit through that? This revamped Olivia isn’t as somber and quiet as the real one therefore her interactions with Peter will be a lot different.

“It takes a pretty horrible twist given where she ended up at the end of season two; the other dimension, they just don’t care for their people over there,” he joked. “So I think the relationship that plays itself out won’t be the Olivia relationship. It’ll be the “Otherlivia” relationship, but it’ll still keep you on the edge of your seat. [The Otherlivia], she’s kind of more of an extrovert, you might say.”

What does that mean exactly? Will he fall in love with this fake? If they sleep together would that be considered cheating?

What do you want to see happen tonight? Are you excited about the premiere?

Source: MTV