Don’t you hate it when trailers advertise footage that is nowhere in the actual film? It happens a lot, and last summer’s Iron Man 2 was no exception. Apparently, there was some footage taken from an alternate opening of the movie used in the trailer that never saw the light of day — until now. The scene has appeared online and features what would have been a hilarious re-introduction to Tony Stark and Pepper Potts had they gone with it. Check it out…

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This scene is funny, there’s no doubt about that but we’re not sure if it would have been the right way to open the film. Seeing the Paramount logo followed by Stark’s face in a toilet isn’t the epic intro a superhero should have. They made the right decision.

This scene will more than likely show up on the DVD in the extra features section where you can watch it over and over again in high quality. Who wouldn’t want to constantly watch Robert Downey Jr. tell Gwyneth Paltrow that he’s not on his cycle? We would.

Which opening do you prefer: the alternate version or the one used in the film?

Video Credit: RDJandSuzieQ