Chloe Moretz is snatching up every creepy girl character she can find with her latest being Emily the Strange. According to Deadline, the young actress has just signed on to play the title character in the film based on the Dark Horse comic. After appearing as a juvenile assassin in Kick-Ass and a blood sucking vampire in Let Me In, she’s ready to move on to play an “odd but stylish young lady.”

The Emily the Strange property is licensed in more than 35 countries and was created by Rob Reger and his company Cosmic Debris. The character was originally used to sell clothes and then became so iconic, that it spawned its own comic series. The franchise has a huge catalog, including clothing, stationery, stickers and fashion accessories. All of the products feature Emily’s distinctive appearance and frequently feature one of her famous sayings like; “Get Lost,” “Be All You Can’t Be,” and “Wish You Weren’t Here.”

We take it that they’re going to dye Moretz’s hair or have her wear a dark wig to give her the goth counterculture look that Strange is known for. We bet all the other young actresses in her age group are kicking themselves. It’s the Moretz takeover.

What do you think of Moretz being cast as Emily the Strange? Is she the right choice?