Tonight is the premiere of ABC’s new comedy line up which includes “Modern Family” and the Courteney Cox led, “Cougar Town.” Over the summer the network has been hyping up the guest appearance of actress and “friend” Jennifer Aniston on the season premiere and it’s almost here. The show doesn’t air until tonight but we’ve got a sneak peek at Cox and Aniston in action in the clip below…

It doesn’t look like anything has changed between these two. This is the second time that Aniston has guest starred on one of Cox’s shows. The other stint was an appearance on the defunct dramedy “Dirt” a couple years ago. Why is it that these two always get together? Why can’t we see a reunion between her and her fake brother Ross Gellar aka David Schwimmer? We know that he’s a film director now but come on. We need some variety.

The season finale of “Cougar Town” didn’t really leave us on the edge of our seats considering that Jules relationship with Grayson was made public by the end of the episode. We wonder what trouble she’s going to get into now.

“Cougar Town” airs Wednesday night at 9:30 pm.

Will you be watching Cougar Town tonight? Are you excited about the reunion of Cox and Aniston?

Source: EOnline