“Sesame Street” has us confused. Who are they targeting these days with their viral videos? Their latest one is a parody of the HBO vampire series “True Blood,” a show known for sex, violence, gore, and more sex. This is obviously for the adults because we hope the pre-K set isn’t tuning in to watch Eric, Sookie, and Bill’s love triangle. With that said, check out their version of “True Blood” entitled “True Mud”

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Within the first 20 seconds, the puppet of Lafayette had us dying with laughter. He has the hat, the headscarf, light eye shadow, a wife beater, and some gold chains. They obviously paid attention to detail here. We also love how it takes so many cues from the series premiere of “True Blood” but instead of investigating Bill being a vampire, he’s a shunned grouch.

Are the puppets in the background supposed to be Tara and Sam? Sam always wears those ridiculous flannel shirts and has a similar shaggy haircut.

The new season of “Sesame Street” premieres on September 27th on PBS marking its 41st season on the air!

What do you think of the puppet parody of True Blood? Was it funny or over the top?

Source: Sesame Street