This. Is. Insane! Teri Hatcher, who currently stars on the ABC hit “Desperate Housewives” will leave Wisteria Lane to visit her hometown — Metropolis. Did you catch that reference there? Anyone who’s followed the many television incarnations of Superman and Lois Lane know that Hatcher starred as the aggressive reporter and love interest to the Man of Steel on the mid-nineties show “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.” According to EW, she’ll once again play the role of Lane, or should we say a Lane…

Sources close to the show are reporting that Hatcher will appear on the new season of “Smallville” as Ella, Lois’ mother. Now, the last time we checked her mom was dead but in episode 8, titled “Abandoned” Lois discovers some old videotapes of her mother. We think you know where this going.

Hatcher played Lois Lane for 4 years on her show and crossing over to “Smallville” for this stint says a lot about her character. Unlike some actors, she’s aware of how important the Superman legacy is to people, and she acknowledges and respects her place in it. A couple years ago Dean Cain, who starred opposite Hatcher on “Lois & Clark” appeared on “Smallville” in the role of Dr. Curtis Knox, so she’s in good company.

What do you think of Hatcher appearing on Smallville? Are you excited?