James Cameron is one of those people you either love or loathe and in this case he’s loved! Next year the Producers Guild of America will honor the director, writer, and overall filmmaker at their 22nd Annual Producers Guild Award ceremony. He’ll receive the 2011 Milestone Award for his innovation and creative additions to the film medium, that cover everything from Terminator to his most recent project, Avatar.

According to the official press release:

“As one of the most respected and admired storytellers of our time, James Cameron has inspired audiences with his creativity time and time again. We are proud to recognize his many talented contributions to the film and entertainment industry with the Guild’s highest honor. Jim has continued to change the film landscape with his ability to deliver groundbreaking masterpieces that present audiences and the industry with unrivaled beauty, originality and impact,” said PGA Co-Presidents Presidents Hawk Koch and Mark Gordon.

Cameron subsequently directed ALIENS (1986) and then wrote and directed THE ABYSS (1989). Following that he wrote, produced and directed TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (1991), TRUE LIES (1994), TITANIC (1997) and AVATAR (2009). He also co-wrote and produced POINT BREAK (1991) and STRANGE DAYS (1994), as well as produced SOLARIS (2003).

Can we just say that even though people crap on Point Break that was an awesome movie! Johnny Utah! Come on, where did they come up with that? There are scenes from that movie that are still emulated today in popular culture and other films, with Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz being one of them. T2 is still the best but Point Break is sheer fun!

The ceremony will take place Saturday, January 22nd at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Los Angeles.

What do you think of Cameron receiving the Milestone Award? Do you think he deserves it?

Source: Collider