Rumors regarding a third installment of the cult favorite Bill & Ted always rear their ugly head every few years, and this time they’re fueled by Keanu Reeves. The two films entitled Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey shot Reeves into the limelight and made him a star. Over 20 years later the actor confesses that he’s interested in getting the cast back together for one last mid-life crisis hurrah.

While speaking to MTV News in a recent interview, Reeves was asked about whether or not he would be open to making the Bill & Ted saga a trilogy.

“We’re trying. Alex and I are still friends and we’re talking, and we’re talking to Chris and Ed. They’re going to try and see if they can write something. To me, I’d love to play the role. I’d love to work with Alex and Chris and Ed again. We’ll see what they do. If it’s a film that can stand up on its own, and I’m meeting people now, they’ve shown the film to their kids. We just seek to entertain, and if that could be something that could be worthwhile on its own…”

Both Reeves and Alex Winter are well into their forties so we’re not sure what type of “adventures” they could get into this time around. Plus, we’re kind of scared to see what they would look like now. Do they have kids and wives or are they still in their parent’s basements doing air guitar while wearing lots of flannel?

Do you want to see another Bill & Ted story on the big screen? Where could the characters go from here?