So, when we left the Botwins, in last weeks episode “Bliss” they had become scabs at a hotel and Nancy had just started back up dealing weed to the hotel’s customers.  Also, Shane became funny for an episode. Can the Botwins keep it up?

Find out now…

The Players:

  • Writers: Jenji Kohan and Stephen Falk
  • Director: Scott Ellis
  • Cast: Mary Louise-Parker, Hunter Parrish, Patricia Lentz, Alanis Morrissette, Justin Kirk, Alexander Gould, Mo Gallini, Linda Hamilton

Episode: “Boomerang”

The Botwin’s car gets booted.  An attempt to steal from Nancy teaches the thief not to mess with Mama Bear.  Doug has a close call.  Nancy gets a few unfriendly visitors.

The Good:

  • Don’t Mess with Mama Bear: First of all, Nancy’s co-worker is a twit.  Secondly, stealing her money was really stupid.  Nancy dishing out a beating was actually a pretty great moment in a season dedicated mostly to running away.
  • Don’t Mess with Groups of Mama Bears: So it turns out Shane’s creepiness does shine through after all.  The arrival of Child Protective Services actually makes sense and actually gives some depth to what was just a funny moment last episode.
  • Hostage to the Cliffhanger: This is the first episode to close on a cliffhanger that we weren’t sure what was going to happen.  Nancy doesn’t seem to have a lot of options…but she’s also extremely resourceful, even as everything is going wrong at once.

The Weird:

  • Wait, He Needs to Come Why Again?: Sure, we’d miss Silas, but it’s not like he’s necessary.  Nancy’s argument that he needed to come along and that he was involved didn’t really make sense, and generally Silas is the first to call his mom on her crap.  Here, however, he seems to just swallow it.  Why didn’t he just hand her the keys and say “So long?”

The Bad:

  • Pay Your Parking Tickets: So, what gives them away is…parking tickets?  Seriously?  They go to all this trouble to change their identities, and don’t think to swap out the plates on their car?  Sure, the entire situation is realistically half-assed, but that’s asking us to swallow a little much.  Even Nancy would have gotten those swapped out, especially with hitmen on her trail.
  • Nancy the Needy: Like the aforementioned Silas discussion, Nancy is starting to come off less like a caring mother and more like a codependent weirdo.  Granted, she’s in a lousy situation, but still, we’re starting to lose sympathy for her.


An episode with some weak character moments, but some absolutely great plot moments, and by far the most plot momentum of any episode this season.

Rating: 8.75/10

Agree?  Disagree?  Wish Silas could really study botany?  Let us know in the comments!

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