Its been a few months since Inception hit theaters and we’ve seen several recreations of its trailer and now another one has caught our attention. MakerBakerVideo put together a DIY version of the video using kids, minimal effects (and we do mean minimal), and audio dubbing. How would Cobb look if he was played by a 9 year old instead of Leonardo DiCaprio? What if Ellen Page’s Ariadne was really a man in a bad wig? Find out below…

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This trailer makes us laugh every time! The mixture of kid toys, trippy camera movements, and the adorable dog are hilarious. We take it that he’s supposed to represent Cobb’s family in all of this. Everytime they show him he’s just smiling at the camera and obviously has no idea what the hell is going on. You’ve got to love the innocence in that.

As for the “action scenes,” their suspended in air shot is the best. We’re not sure how they pulled it off but it’s the one thing that really made us think of Inception. And who can forget the final scene that recreates Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s exchange, “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling.”

What do you think of the DIY Inception trailer?