Twenty-five years ago, John Hughes took a group of young actors and created The Breakfast Club. It’s one of the most revered “teen films” of all time that inadvertently gave birth to “The Brat Pack,” a crew of stars who appeared in several youth oriented films during the decade. In 1985 a geek, an athlete, a princess, a criminal, and a basket case all came together to make movie magic. Over 20 years, later the cast has reunited to discuss their significant film and how it changed their careers and their lives. Watch below…

This would have been so perfect if Emilio Estevez was in it. Why is it that everytime they try to stage a reunion of some sort one or two of them are missing? Back when MTV tried to do it Estevez and Nelson were nowhere to be found, and here it’s all on Estevez. He’s always “filming,” yet we never see these films that he’s busy working on. Why is that?

The Breakfast Club was the first John Hughes film that I ever saw and it holds a special place in my heart. It was also the first movie I saw that was targeted towards young audiences but didn’t pander to them. The material was rich with emotion, but still balanced out with comedy. Happy Birthday Breakfast Club!

What’s your favorite Breakfast Club memory?

Source: ABC News