The wait is almost over. The 10th and final season premiere of “Smallville” is upon us and a clip from the episode entitled “Lazarus” has been released as well as a few eye opening photos. First off, we have a video that features Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer, and a young clone giving her the lowdown on his creation and his fellow brethren. There’s also images of Lois Lane posted up on a wooden cross similar to the way Clark was in the series premiere 10 years ago (nostalgic much?). Check out the video and photos below…

Even though this scene is eerie and creepy, the little boy is adorable. He’s misguided but adorable. Tess actually looks like she’s in shock after seeing the clones and hearing about their purposes in life.

If there’s one thing that ALL “Smallville” fans want before the show is over is the return of Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor. So far there’s been no confirmation that the actor will be back but it looks like the show will keep Luthor’s presence on board with or without his help. As you can tell from the above photo “Lazarus” alludes to Lex but we never see his face. Stop it with the games guys! Let’s just do this already.

What do you think of the clip and photos from Smallville?

Source: Screenrant, Spoiler TV