It looks like we’ll be back to having 3 “Law & Orders” on the small screen running simultaneously. Last spring it was announced that NBC wouldn’t be renewing “Law & Order” for its record breaking 21st season, instead they decided to pick up a spin-off “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” which is scheduled to premiere this week. This news left people wondering about whether or not “Criminal Intent” would also get the ax from the USA cable network. Well, according to THR you can let out a sigh of relief. The show has been renewed for a 10th season.

Like all “Law & Orders,” “Criminal Intent” went through its fair share of casting shake ups. Vincent D’Onofrio was the male lead, who was replaced by Chris Noth, who was then replaced by Jeff Goldblum who recently revealed that he had no desire to return to the show.

That was a huge nail in the series’ coffin, but somehow the originator was lured back into the fold. The producers claim that D’Onofrio will be back for the new season, and their currently working on the rest of the cast (the actor’s contracts expired in July). USA has picked up “Criminal Intent” for eight episodes. No premiere date has been set.

Are you excited that Criminal Intent is returning?