Yesterday we posted some set photos from JJ Abrams highly anticipated sci-fi thriller Super 8. The film’s story is set in the sleepy town of Lillian, Ohio and the cast will include “Friday Night Lights” star Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning. Today, the main cast of the film has been revealed and the majority of them are unknowns. Therefore, Super 8 could be the project that catapults these actor’s careers into the stratosphere.

According to THR, Chandler and Fanning will be joined by Ron Eldard, Noah Emmerich, Gabriel Basso, Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, and Zach Mills. We recognize two out of these 7 names. Eldard used to star on “ER,” and has appeared in several films including Deep Impact, Black Hawn Down, and House of Sand and Fog. The other recognizable actor is Gabriel Basso, who currently stars on the Showtime series, “The Big C.”

The premise for Super 8 is rumored to surround a “top secret” package that’s transported from Nevada’s Area 51 to another location. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make it to its destination, and lands in the unexpecting town of Lillian, which puts the local residents in a whole heap of trouble.

What do you think of the cast for Super 8?