Back in March we reported that a reboot of the famous horror franchise Godzilla was on its way. The last time we saw  the monster in US theaters it was in Roland Emmerich’s 1998 remake of the original that featured Matthew Broderick. To say it bombed at the box office would be an understatement, so the folks over at Legendary are trying their hardest to rectify that mistake. More news has surfaced regarding the next film, which will have a darker more serious tone.

Even though a director hasn’t been named, the rebooted Godzilla is scheduled to hit theaters in 2012 ( a crowded year for blockbusters). It will need something big and fresh to stave off the competition, like another monster. If you’ve followed the Godzilla series you know that the creature has fought everything under the sun and this new film will be no different. Producer Brian Rogers spoke to the people over at Zennie 62, and revealed that he’ll be taking the Batman Begins approach to the reboot.

Here’s what Rogers had to say in detail during this video interview:

What do you think of his plan for a new Godzilla? Are you interested in another film?