For almost 10 years Allison Mack played an integral part in the hit TV series “Smallville.” She was the best friend, the confidant, and the constant supporter of Clark Kent, but something was always missing. Unlike the majority of the show’s other key players, Chloe never appeared in an issue of DC Comics — until now. According to TVGuide, she’ll finally debut on the comic pages just like her peers Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Green Arrow, and of course Superman. Take a look…

As you can see, Chloe has her signature hair and her spunky attitude to match her new illustrated figure. She will make her first comic book appearance in DC Comics’ Action Comics No. 893, which goes on sale September 29th. In order to fit the character into the already established DC Universe, her history had to be tweaked a bit.

According to writer Nick Spencer, “It’s a pretty different continuity, which I think has always been the challenging part of bringing Chloe into the DC Comics Universe “She’s never existed in the comics before, so in order to make a part of Clark’s life when he was a teenager in Smallville, you’d have to do it somewhat retroactively, and it would age Chloe as a character a lot, since Superman is well past that part of his life in the books.”

Interesting. How many of you are excited about this?

What do you think of Chloe Sullivan making the big leap into comics?