Now that the truth is out regarding Joaquin Phoenix’s latest “film” I’m Still Here, we’re ready for him to get back into the real acting game. The two-time Oscar nominee claimed to have retired from his craft back in 2008 while embarking on a hip hop career that turned out to be a hoax. According to Vulture, director Clint Eastwood wants to bring Phoenix back into the acting fold with a role in his upcoming biopic Hoover.

Hoover will cover the head of the FBI and his reign from its creation in 1935 to his death in 1972. Leonardo DiCaprio is attached to play the title role with Phoenix being rumored to star as his protégé, Clyde Tolson. Tolson was the associate director of the FBI from 1947 to 1972. He was in daily close contact with Hoover at the office and the pair often dined, socialized in night clubs, and even vacationed together. Interesting.

The film will be produced by Brian Grazer and has a script written by Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (Milk). Has Phoenix and DiCaprio ever co-starred in a film together? Could this be their first?

Do you think Phoenix would make a good addition to the cast? Did you see him in I’m Still Here?