Jon Hamm just scored big with Ben Affleck‘s The Town. Not only are people enjoying it, but it’s also making big money at the box office — it came in at number one this weekend. But now, Hamm has something new to look forward to, and it’s not “Mad Men,”… not yet anyway. His movie Howl, directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, is hitting theaters this coming weekend.

In Howl, Hamm plays Jake Ehrlich, the defense attorney who helped Allen Ginsberg against charges of obscenity. Hamm intentionally had to make a few adjustments to his character and wardrobe because he was worried that audiences may wonder what Don Draper (his alter-ego on “Mad Men”) is doing in the courtroom.

“I realize that, being on a television show as someone who is cool and has clicked-back hair, it may be a difficult prospect for some people to reconcile that with my role in ‘Howl.’ Part of being on TV is, unfortunately, sometimes these things can carry over.”

To adjust art had to give way to the times and they decided to downplay the real Ehrlich’s flamboyant side and cut down all the accessories (ie big chains and gold watch) so that people would be able to see the character and not Don Draper. It’s hard because in trying to stay away from one character, he ended up not fully being able to look the part of Ehrlich. He stated that he’s worried people will think “He doesn’t look anything like Jake Ehrlich” who was much heavier and far more dolled up.

Though at the end of the day, the two characters are similar and there’s not much anyone can do another it. Draper and Ehrlich have a lot in common, they’re from nearly the same era and are similar in their swagger…

“They are very similar in the way they express their points. They are very persuasive in getting things across. Don would have been a really good lawyer, actually.”

Hamm is damn good at not only portraying men of that era, but what it takes it bring both these characters to life. Looks like the best man for the job got the role!

And for all you “Mad Men” fans out there, don’t fret! Though Hamm will be appearing a number of times on the big screen, he’s committed to the hit show until the final episode.

“It’s really all up to [Matt Weiner] as long as he wants to make the show, I will show up and say his words.”

Excited to see Howl this weekend?

[via San Francisco Chronicle]