What is “The Event”? We have no idea and the majority of the stars of the NBC series don’t either. It’s a new sci-fi, conspiracy thriller that many hope will fill the void that “Lost” left behind. It stars plenty of familiar faces and is led by a young actor named Jason Ritter. He recently spoke to Zap2it about what he does and doesn’t know about “the event” and revealed how the writers are keeping him on his toes!

On “The Event,” Ritter plays Sean, a computer programmer Average Joe type who gets swept up in a world of intrigue and has no idea why. Here’s what he had to say about his character:

One of the things you’re going to find out about Sean is … sort of what made him who he is, what makes him react to things the way he does in the pilot. Certainly I would have probably had a different reaction had I seen the girl drowning [in a scene from the show]. I don’t know if I would have jumped off that cliff — I might’ve called the authorities or tried to find a place to climb down.

On how the writers keep him guessing:

I have much more of a handle on it than I did during the pilot. We’ve really come a long way from there. They don’t seem to be scared of forward momentum at all. [laughs] … So we’re in a completely different place. But every time I think, “OK, I know where this show is going,” they pull the rug out from underneath me. At the end of [episode seven], which I just got, I’m totally intrigued anew by another interesting thing.

Ritter also appeared on Jimmy Fallon last week and revealed that his co-star Laura Innes does know what “the event” is but she’s not spilling the beans. Apparently, certain actors will know at certain times. Ritter won’t find out until Sean finds out.

“The Event” premieres at 9 p.m. ET Monday on NBC.

What do you think of The Event? Do you plan on watching?