I Want Your Money is the latest documentary based solely on how screwed up our economy is — seems like there’s quite a bit to cover there. The movie was released in Los Angeles towards the end of July, but now I Want Your Money is being distributed across the nation. Despite our current situation it’s hard for films like these to find there way into more than a couple of theaters unless Michael Moore‘s name it on it. Luckily I Want Your Money has found a way into the mainstream! So check it out and get more quality documentaries headed into theaters!

Check out the trailer and the full synopsis below…

I Want Your Money is a documentary by Ray Griggs who previously made Lucifer, the story about said character and his fall from the heavens, and Super Campers, about a guy with no powers who joins a superhero team. In his third movie, he takes tries to show the American dream through ‘Obamanomics’ and ‘Reganomics.’

Set against the backdrop of America’s growing disproval of current economic policies, I Want Your Money takes a provocative look at our nation’s deeply depressed economy using the words and actions of Presidents Reagan and Obama. The film exposes the shocking reality of a bloated government while offering alternatives to help steer the United States back towards firm fiscal ground.  By utilizing interviews with key leaders of America’s conservative movement – Newt Gingrich, Steve Forbes, Mike Huckabee – movie clips, dramatic portrayals, music, graphics and even comedic animation, I Want Your Money tells the story in the plainest terms of the choice between ‘Reganomics’ and ‘Obamanomics’.

I Want Your Money will be released nationwide October 15, 2010.

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