Now I’m always one who says that the experience while watching a film can be just about as important as a film itself, but there are ways about taking that too far. Certain films are best with a packed house so that you can laugh or gasp among colleagues, others better for romantic viewings with a thin crowd, some are best with a fine wine or beer, but Buried has taken it to a whole knew level. For the gala screening of Buried at The Alamo Drafthouse at Fantastic Fest on Thursday, September 23 they actually kidnapped and buried four of their viewers and showed them the film whilst buried in a coffin, underground.

I’ve seen this film, it’s claustrophobic enough in the largest of theaters, the idea of having to live it is beyond insane. Hell, they had to pay Ryan Reynolds and even he was on a set! Check out the details about the four people who were buried for Buried and check out photos of them below…

Four participants were selected to be sealed and buried in custom built coffins to watch the entire film. After signing waivers, the participants were blindfolded and had burlap sacks placed over their heads. They were driven in silence to a location 30 minutes outside of Austin. Only after they had been placed inside their coffins were they allowed to remove the blindfolds. Inside the custom-built coffins they watched BURIED on LCD monitors fixed to the coffin lid. Each of them made it through (relatively) unscathed and will get to meet Ryan Reynolds at the gala event for surviving the experience.

This was a fun twist on the Alamo Drafthouse’s Rolling Roadshow, a yearly nationwide tour of famous movies in famous places. Previous screenings have included Close Encounters of the Third Kind at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, Escape from Alcatraz on Alcatraz Island and more recently The Blues Brothers at Old Joliet Prison.

“The Rolling Roadshow is all about finding that unique film viewing experience with the perfect combination of movie and setting. It’s traditionally been a communal experience of seeing a film outdoors with hundreds of people. But for this event we put an even cooler twist on the concept, because some movies are perfect for seeing while buried,” said Fantastic Fest co-founder Tim League.

Who would actually want to do that!? You’re insane people!

Would you ever allow someone to bury you to watch a film that takes place entirely within a coffin?