In this week’s episode of “Nikita” entitled “2.0″ the former assassin continues with her all out assault on Division, Shane West’s character Michael actually shows a little humanity, and Percy remains an uninteresting and one dimensional villain. Aside from that, the episode was filled with bad Russian accents and once again, mediocre action. Will their fight choreography ever improve? Here’s our review…

The Players:

  • Director: Danny Cannon
  • Writers: Craig Silverstein & David Levinson
  • Cast: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford, Tiffany Hines, Melinda Clarke, Xander Berkeley

Episode Title: “2.0”

Alex gets sent out on her first mission as an escort to a Slavic war lord who’s under Division’s protection. It turns out that he has a secret stash of Uranium that they want to get their hands on, and so do a group of rogue Russian radicals. Later, Jaden and Alex get physical in the computer lab, and Nikita once again spoils Division’s plans by intercepting their target.

The Good:

  • Alex: Is it wrong that Alex is more enjoyable to watch than Nikita? It almost seems as if Nikita is a supporting character and Alex is the one who’s at the center of it all. Lyndsy Fonseca’s a great young actress and the interactions between her and Shane West are gold.
  • Shadownet: Birkoff is obviously the comic relief and his constant references to “Shadownet” were hilarious. His last line to Michael after tracking down their target was, “Say it…Shadownet!”

The So-So:

  • Michael’s Getting Better: During the pilot it seemed like Shane West was trying too hard to play the rough, no nonsense enforcer for Division. Thankfully, this week we saw some emotion and a change in his personality. At first it looked like him and Nikita were the ones to watch but something may be brewing between him and his new protege, Alex.
  • What’s Jaden’s Motivation?: Jaden needs to find something to do with her time other than sulk and start fights. Yes, she’s supposed to be Alex’s foil but her hatred for the girl is juvenile. It’s obvious that down the line she’ll probably be the person who exposes her as Nikita’s mole but until then they need to find something better for her to do. Send her on a mission already!

The Bad:

  • The Russian’s Are Coming: When all the Russians died at the end it was like music to my ears. Not only was their renegade story boring but the leader of the pack, Hanna, had the most obnoxious and annoying voice. I haven’t heard Russian accents that bad since Rocky IV.
  • Percy: Sorry Xander Berkeley but you’re not working in this role. Percy is supposed to be the head of Division yet he doesn’t have an intimidating presence. He’s not scary. He doesn’t seem legit. During his last scene, he gave Michael the go ahead to execute a man but there wasn’t a sense of terror behind his voice. It was more like, “meh.”
  • Alex’s Backstory: There’s nothing wrong with filling in the blanks with the characters but shouldn’t we start with Nikita first? We’d love to see her humble beginnings.


This wasn’t a great episode. The characters need to be better defined. The show is called Nikita, not “Alex, Michael, Xander, and Nikita.” She doesn’t seem like a priority even though she’s the title character. More of her please.

Rating: 6.5/10

“Nikita” airs Thursdays at 9PM on The CW

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