House” continues to pull in big guest stars with Amber Tamblyn, Jennifer Grey, and now Candice Bergen. The former model turned actress and multiple Emmy winner will make an appearance on the Fox medical drama and stir things up for Dr. House and his peers, specifically Cuddy.

According to EW, Bergen will come on the scene as Cuddy’s mother! Yep, Mama Cuddy is in the house (literally) and will be shaking things up in her daughter’s personal and professional life. The actress will appear in a multi-episode story arc, which will kick off in January. So unfortunately, you’ll have to wait out the fall stuff before you can get to the goods the second half of the season has to offer.

We’re interested in seeing the tone of her character. Bergen is known for playing strong female roles so wouldn’t it be fun to see her getting into it with Hugh Laurie? It will be the battle of the pissers. Not to mention that this would be a great opportunity for Lisa Edelstein, who plays Cuddy to get some meaty dialogue.

What do you think of Bergen joining House? Who would win in a fight, Dr. House or Murphy Brown?