Jon Hamm is a good looking man, there’s not doubt about it. He looks great in 60s fashion, 80s trends, hell he probably found a way to make a mullet attractive during the early nineties. The actor recently appeared on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” to promote his new film The Town, and it was revealed through a hilarious and uncomfortable exchange that Hamm was at the top of Stewart’s cheat list! Hamm is Stewart’s “freebie.” Take a look…

We have the entire segment, which is over 6 minutes long and starts off with Stewart revealing his secret crush on Hamm. After his admission the actor stated, “That’s going to make the rest of this interview, uh, ‘interesting,’ to say the least.” Later on Stewart went on to say, “This type of handsome. That’s just not right … it’s not right.”

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Beyond that point, Hamm reveals that they finished the fourth season of “Mad Men” a few weeks ago and since then he’s been promoting The Town non-stop, which had its big premiere in Boston (where the movie takes place). As for Stewart, Hamm’s not an average dude. His looks are mesmerizing!

What do you think of the two Jon’s interview on The Daily Show? Was it funny, uncomfortable, what’s your take?