The first trailer has been released for the big screen adaptation, The Nutcracker 3D. It’s based on the story that inspired acclaimed Russian composer Piotr Tchaikovsky to create his iconic ballet, and the film includes plenty of new music and choreography that will only further emphasize the legend. Check out the trailer…

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Official Synopsis:

The Nutcracker 3D centers on nine-year-old Mary (Elle Fanning) whose dull Viennese Christmas is suddenly filled with excitement and adventure following the arrival of her beloved Uncle Albert (Nathan Lane) and his gift of an enchanted nutcracker.

On Christmas night, Mary’s new friend, The Nutcracker (Charlie Rowe) or “NC,” comes to life and takes her on a wondrous journey into his magical world of fairies, sugarplums, and other Christmas toys which come to life. Mary soon realizes that this fantastical kingdom is facing danger from the tyrannical rule of the evil Rat King (John Turturro) and his devious mother (Frances de la Tour). When NC is taken hostage, Mary and her newfound toy friends must uncover the secret of the Rat King to rescue NC and his kingdom.

Even though the idea of another 3D movie annoys the hell out of me, it looks like it will actually work for this film. The mixture of CGI and live action, with the dances and the music could be a visual treat. Fanning was perfectly cast as the lead, and Turtorro is almost unrecognizable in his costume. It will be interesting to see him in something like this.

The Nutcracker 3D is scheduled to hit theaters on November 24th.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: Apple