Last week we learned that JJ Abrams was gearing up for another TV venture entitled “Alcatraz.” At the time he was just shopping around the project to various networks and there was word that one in particular was seriously interested. According to THR, a decision has been made and “Alcatraz” is now on the Fox roster.

The trade reports, “The network has given a pilot commitment to Abrams’ latest mysterious TV endeavor, whose official logline is as cryptic as one might expect: A show about mysteries, secrets and the most infamous prison of all time: Alcatraz.” Who’s really surprised by this move?

Abrams already has a hit series on the network with “Fringe,” and how much do you want to bet that sooner than later it will be airing back to back with “Alcatraz” on Thursday nights? It’s going to become the Abrams hour just like on Sundays with all that Seth MacFarlane programming.

“Alcatraz” is the third pilot that Bad Robot has gotten picked up in 3 consecutive years with the previous ones being “Fringe” and “Undercovers,” which will debut on NBC next week.

What do you think of Alcatraz going to Fox? Are you surprised?