Earlier this year we learned that Sony would be producing another sequel in their popular Men in Black series. It was revealed that the original cast and crew would return including Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, and director Barry Sonnenfeld but in most sequels they always have to infuse new blood. In this case that would be Josh Brolin, an actor who many fans worried would be taking Jones’ place.

In an interview with MTV, Brolin stated himself that he’s not stealing Jones’ spotlight. “I don’t know what the balance is yet. I’m not replacing Tommy, that I know. There’s more suggestion going on than anything.” From what we’ve gathered Men in Black III will involve some serious time travel. Brolin has been rumored to star as a younger version of Agent Kay (Jones) while Smith’s Jay has been sent back to 1969 to work with him to stop the new bad guy Yaz (Jemaine Clement).

At least now we know that things are pretty much cemented for all three actors. Jones and Brolin previously appeared in the Coen Brothers drama No Country for Old Men, and now they’re at it again.

What do you think of Brolin’s place in the Men in Black series? Are you looking forward to him in the film?