Someone needs to give Olivia Wilde’s agent a raise because the woman gets cast in everything. Wilde has a part in this December’s Tron Legacy, next summer’s Cowboys and Aliens, and now she’s landed a role in The Change-Up. According to Deadline the actress has signed on to star alongside Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in the body-switch comedy. Lucky lady!

In the film, “Bateman plays a married man who switches bodies with slacker best friend (Reynolds). Wilde will play the married guy’s law firm co-worker, who’s an impetus for the body switch.” So not only is she a doctor on “House” but she’s also an associate at a law firm? Is there anything she can’t do? The Change-Up will be directed by David Dobkin for Universal Pictures, who will be a following up his comedies Wedding Crashers and Fred Klaus.

On another note, the screenplay for the film is written by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, whom previously penned The Hangover. How many male-centric comedy alums can one movie have? The body-swap story has been told more times than any of us can count, but with Reynolds and Bateman as leads who can say no?

What do you think of the cast of The Change-Up? Are you interested in seeing the film?